MAGA Hat Kid Breaks Silence On Events!

Article by Bryan Howard January 21, 2019 The MAGA hat kid who was the victim of the leftist activist Indian, Nathan Phillips, may have had his life ruined by these fruit loops. The Media had no shame to victim blame these poor kids who did nothing wrong but be abused by leftist adults. Video evidence... Continue Reading →


Man Who Fled Cuba ‘This Is Communism’ DESTROYS Lawmakers Gun Control Attempt!

PHOTO: Screenshot Article by Bryan Howard January 19, 2019 Manuel Martinez is a man who fled Communist/Socialist Cuba from the tyranny of Fidel Castro, and he fought Oregon Lawmakers over their gun control proposals. Martinez gives a passionate speech explaining how the Democrat gun grabbers are nothing more than Marxist/Communist/Socialists. Martinez explains how he went... Continue Reading →

College TA claims “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole”

PHOTO: Article by Bryan Howard January 18, 2019 Campus Reform has exposed a teacher assistant (TA) at University of Georgia for claiming we should kill white people. This individual is in charge of teaching out young minds at the Collegiate level. Irami Osei-Frimpong, a philosophy teaching assistant stated, "some white people may have to... Continue Reading →

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