Book Of The Month! Righteous Indignation Excuse Me While I Save The World

Article by Bryan Howard April 16, 2019 Preserve Conservative Values book of the month is Righteous Indignation Excuse Me While I Save The World! Authored by Andrew Breitbart. Below is a link for you to buy the book!


Conservative Authors To Read!

Article by Bryan Howard August 10, 2018 Many Conservatives have issues finding authors to read on politics and history, which is why I created a list. This list is filled with Conservative authors I follow closely and have found credible. Ben Shapiro Dinesh D'Souza Mark Levin David Horrowitz Ann Coulter Thomas Sowell Jonah Goldberg W.... Continue Reading →

Recommended Book List!

This is a short list of books I believe will help any conservative if they read! So if you have time please check them out I posted links to buy them. I will update this list and create new ones as time goes, but this will be a good start if book list is needed.... Continue Reading →

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