Trump Slams Democrats As ‘Anti-Jewish’ For Skipping AIPAC Conference!

PHOTO: Evan Vucci / AP Article by Bryan Howard March 22, 2019 The Democrat party and the 2020 hopefuls skipped out on the AIPAC Conference due to Democrats anti Israeli stance. President Trump wasted no time to call the Democrats anti-Jewish. The list of 2020 hopeful Democrats are Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders,... Continue Reading →


AOC Calls For Mass Gun Confiscation!

PHOTO: Getty Images Article by Bryan Howard March 22, 2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to Twitter in order to call for mass gun confiscation against all Americans. She made this post with a video of New Zealand Prime Minister Arden calling for mass gun confiscation. Democrats are no longer hiding the fact they want to take... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Did Ilhan Omar Commit Immigration Fraud?

Article by Bryan Howard March 21, 2019 Glenn Beck held a segment on his show where he brought on investigative reporter David Steinberg to discuss Democrat Ilhan Omar. Steinberg notes that he has investigated Ilhan Omar's marriage to two men at one time and potentially committed immigration fraud. Steinberg establishes Omar potentially married her brother... Continue Reading →

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