How Much Would The Five Radical Democrat Policies Cost Tax Payers?

PHOTO: Getty Images Article by Bryan Howard October 20, 2018 The Democrats have embraced full Socialism and proposed some highly radical ideas in the last two years. Every time the Democrats propose new policies that have only been attempted in Socialist countries our response is how expensive they are. With midterms a few weeks away... Continue Reading →


Rapist Is The New Racist!

PHOTO: Getty Images Article by Bryan Howard October 03, 2018 Democrats have used dirty terminology to paint their opponent as evil individuals for over a century. The terms Democrats attempt to smear us with are a projection of themselves. We have all experienced the era of being painted as evil racists with no explanation as... Continue Reading →

Socialist Andrew Gillum Dangerous For Florida!

Article by Bryan Howard August 29, 2018 Florida had their primaries on Tuesday with some surprising results in the governor race. Trump backed Ron DeSantis easily win the Republican Primary, while Bernie Sanders backed, Socialist Andrew Gillum  who had a surprise upset victory in the Democrat Primary. Ron DeSantis is a strict Constitutional Conservative who... Continue Reading →

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