Pete Buttigieg: If You Eat Burgers And Use Straws You’re Part Of The Problem!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 5, 2019

Pete Buttigieg appeared on CNN with host Allison Camerota on Thursday to discuss Climate Change. This comes the day after Democrats appeared on CNN for a Climate Change townhall where they discussed they should take away the rights of every American so Government can control them.

Buttigieg told Camerota on CNN during the interview that anyone who eats burgers and uses straws are part of the problem. Buttigieg practically claimed he will ban Americans from eating meat and using straws in this country.

Carmerota stated, “I think it makes a lot of people feel very helpless because, yes, we can all do away with our plastic straws and I haven’t drank out of a straw for the past six months because I’m so worried about what’s happening in the ocean. But people feel helpless when it’s that existential.”

Buttigieg responded, “That’s one of the things, the downside to facing just how colossal of a challenge of this is, is it can feel paralyzing but we can rise to meet this. That’s what my climate plan is all about. It’s not just about all the things we can do technologically and so on, but summoning the energies of this country to do something unbelievably hard.”

Buttigieg continued,  “Right now we’re in a mode I think we’re thinking about it mostly through the perspective of guilt. Using a straw, eating a burger am I part of the problem? Yes, but we could all be part of the solution.”


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