Elizabeth Warren Tells Texas Oil Workers To Get Another Job!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 5, 2019

CNN held its town hall over climate change (Unicorn Farts) on Wednesday night with the 2020 Democrat leaders. During this town hall Elizabeth Warren told Texas oil workers to get another job.

CNN’s Will Weir told Warren, “It is in Port Arthur, but it’s owned by a Saudi Arabian company that made more profit, twice as much profit as Apple computers last year, although right next door I met a family in a $60,000 house that can’t afford to fix the mold from Harvey. Even though they understand the problems, they would tell you: please don’t shut them down because I will die of starvation before I die of pollution.”

Weir continued, “They’re worried about jobs, and so what do you tell the pipe fitters and cafeteria workers in Port Arthur, what will happen to them if these places go dark?”

Warren responded, “So, I would say two things to them. The first one is, that’s not the only job in Port Arthur over the next 20 years. I’ve seen Port Arthur. Port Arthur is going to need a lot of infrastructure re-building and strengthening. It’s going to need a lot of help right on the water.”

Warren continued, “Those are good jobs. Those are union jobs, those are skilled jobs. We have a lot of work to do and I hope the workers in Port Arthur will be a big part of that.”


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