Andrew Yang Wants A Car Buy Back PRogram To Combat Climate Change! PCVtv

Article by Bryan Howard

September 6, 2019

CNN held their town hall over climate change (Unicorn Farts) with the 2020 Democrats. The insane Andrew Yang took his turn proposing his radical tyrannical ideas to fight climate change (Unicorn Farts).

Andrew Yang took from the idea of a gun buy back and extended it to a car buy back program in order to remove people from having the ability to travel without horse and buggy.

The town  hall that democrats participated in should be considered political suicide with what the Democrats proposed . The Democrats proposed to take away the right to eat meat, drive cars, commercial air flight, and shut down oil and coal plants. Let’s not forget Democrats do plan to go door to  door and confiscate guns, and if you don’t hand over your guns they will either arrest or kill you.



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