WATCH: Mass Violence Breaks Out At Antifa Riot In Portland!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

August 18, 2019

Antifa officially runs the streets of Portland, Oregon with all hell breaking loose on Saturday. A clash broke out between right-wing group Proud Boys and the violent thug Socialist left-wing group Antifa.

Proud Boys were scheduled for a protest on Saturday through the streets of Portland and they were met with violence from the Democrat supported group Antifa. What you are about to see below is a thread of videos posted by Journalists Andy Ngo and Elijah Schaffer from the riots that broke out.

The video’s below will establish the most violent outbreak to this day between Antifa and anyone who opposes being a far left Socialist. We are witnessing a new escalation into the violence in the streets over politics, and it is becoming worrisome how fast we are escalating towards a serious Civil War.



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