Hong Kong Protesters Sing Star Spangled Banner: More Patriotic Than Democrats! PCVtv

Article by Bryan Howard

August 15, 2019

Hong Kong Freedom protesters are fighting back against the tyrannical Socialist/Communist government of China. Hong Kong is being forced to follow Chinese law when they have their own independence from the Socialist regime.

The protests are starting to be oppressed by the Chinese government and are under serious assault, but that has not stopped these free people from standing their ground. In a leaked video we see Hong Kong protesters singing the Star Spangled Banner while waving the American flag. This establishes they wish to have freedom similar to the United States. The citizens of Hong Kong celebrate the fact we are not a Socialist country and are a free people.

It is pathetic that we see the citizens of Hong Kong loving our country and flag far more than any Democrat does. However, Democrats would likely side with the Socialist Chinese government because they advocate for every thing the Chinese push policy wise.


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