CNN April Ryan’s Bodyguard Assaults Reporter During Her speech!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

August 15, 2019

CNN reporter April Ryan’s bodyguard stole a phone from a reporter and assaulted them during a speech Ryan gave. This video comes as the third straight day a CNN employee has been involved in major controversy. The other two were Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

Journalist Charlie Kratovil from New Brunswick attended a speech April Ryan was giving on August 3 in New Jersey. During the speech one of the bodyguards stole his phone and physically assaulted him. Kratovil was an invited guest as a media reporter to cover the event, but for some reason the body guard was not ok with him specifically recording the event.

Below is the new video from the hotel where the even is being held. The video shows April Ryan’s bodyguard did physically attack him.



Here is a full cell phone video of the attack.




Kratovil tweeted, ““When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speech,” explained Ms. Ryan, adding she wanted to be able to have an “unfettered” discussion. Never mind the other video camera (or the other news reporter) that still remained in the room. Now guilty of 3rd-degree theft of movable property under NJ law , Mr. Morris fled towards to the front desk of the hotel, bringing the stolen property w/ him. I gathered some of my belongings and caught up w/ the thief, demanding he return the camera. He eventually gave it up.”

It should be noted that Charlie Kratovil is politically to the left and is anti-Trump and politically aligns with April Ryan.


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