Airman Saves Day For Elderly Woman In Extreme Act Of Kindness!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

August 14, 2019

Senior Airman Jibril Jennings of Tinker Air Force Base conducted a great act of kindness that we are missing in today’s America, and we need to praise him for it. Jeenings stopped to help an elderly woman to help her with her groceries and getting her home safe when he saw her struggling in the blistering heat.

On Wednesday in Oklahoma City — and Janice Hall, 71, was stuggling to get around in the 100 degree day when Jennings stopped to be a hero for her and help her out with some muscle and being a strong body.

Jennings is not only a hero for our country, but he is a hero for our American citizens. We desperately need more Jibril Jennings in our society to establish what it takes for a society to survive. For the young healthy men out there it is time we show how it is to be men and protectors of this society by helping out women, children, and the elderly when ever we notice they are struggling with a task. Don’t worry about leftists who will call you a sexist for it, and stay s strong protector of the weak.


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