Trump Reaches Insane Levels From Small Donors!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 14, 2019

President Trump is changing the dynamics of the Republican Party in ways we have never seen before. Trump has turned the Republican’s the party of the grassroots donors.

According to federal records Trump is pulling in 61 percent of his donations are under $200. This means that Trump has energized the average American to donate to his campaign in ways no Republican was capable of doing.

Fox News reported, “That is similar to the proportion Trump raised during the 2016 election cycle, when 65 percent of donations were under $200. And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26 percent of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain raised 25 percent from small donations in 2008.”

Alex Baumgart, individual contributions researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics told Fox News,”Democrats have traditionally been the party that has benefited the most from cultivating a small donor base.”

Baumgart continued, “It’s pretty clear from the numbers that Trump has done a lot to change that dynamic — the populist edge he’s brought to campaigning is clearly something that is resonating with small donors on the right.”

President Trump is far outpacing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for grassroots donations as well.

Fox News reported, “Democratic presidential candidates also improved their grassroots fundraising compared with previous cycles. Among the 20 Democrats who made the debate stage this year, 51 percent of individual contributions were from small donors. That’s up from 26 percent for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and 43 percent for then-President Barack Obama in 2012.”

Fox News noted how current Democrat 2020 hopefuls are preforming with grassroots, “Those figures vary significantly from candidate to candidate, however, with Sen. Cory Booker getting just 21 percent from small donors, former Vice President Joe Biden getting 38 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris getting 41 percent. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg has 49 percent from small donors, with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at 61 percent, tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 67 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at 77 percent (the most).”

Fox News co-host Jedediah Bila joined ‘The Five’ to discuss the new movement of donations for the Republican Party.

Bill stated, “It’s a huge problem,” said Bila. “The folks on the left aren’t used to having to deal with candidates like this on the right. This is a huge groundswell, and you’re seeing grassroots support and that’s very dangerous for the competition because that means that those people are going to go out and vote. Those grassroots supporters get really passionate around election time.”



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