Limbaugh on citizenship question, Dem division, Betsy Ross flag flap

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 12, 2019

Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox and Friends Friday morning where he went off on Republicans for laziness in 2010.

Limbaugh called the Republicans out for their laziness because they allowed Obama to remove the question of Citizenship from the Census.

Limbaugh stated, “But this idea of who is a citizen and who isn’t, why did that question get taken off? That’s where everybody’s focus should have been, and I’ll put this on the Republicans.”

Limbaugh continued, “Obama takes the question off, the Republicans do what? Say nothing. Then the Democrats get back, and — ‘We want to put it back on, President [Donald] Trump, it is common sense. Put it back on’ — The Democrats fight, propose, oppose, make it hell on Earth to try to get this done. This is a great illustration of the difference in the two parties and how they operate politically. I think it is outrageous that the desire to know who here is a citizen is controversial.”

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