WATCH: CNN Reporter Threatens Gorka To A Fight At White House Rose Garden!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

July 12, 2019

CNN establishes why they are a massive ‘FAKE NEWS’ left wing hacks that want violence against all who oppose the radical cause of their Communist wishes. During President Trump’s Citizenship speech at the Rose Garden, CNN contributor Brian Karem was running his big filthy loud mouth to all Conservatives Social media stars. However, Brian Karem ran his mouth to the wrong person by challenging Dr. Sebastian Gorka to a fight.

Brian Karem was ranting calling all these Conservatives “a group of people that are eager for demonic possession.”

Gorka fired back at Karem, “and you’re a journalist, right?”

Karem showing he was embarrassed by Gorka’s wit challenging him to a fight, “come on over here and talk to me, brother. We can go outside and have a long conversation.”

Gork wasted zero time walking up to Karem and got in his face stating, “You’re not a journalist! You’re a punk!”

Karem in all the shame he had after cowering when a real man stood up to him waited for Gorka to walk away before he shouted back. Karem established his bigotry telling Gorka to go home. this is a clear reference telling Gorka to leave the USA because he is from London.

At the end of the video a person screamed out to Karem saying ‘just so you know Gorka would kick your A**!’

Gorka responded to the incident in his live video on Twitter.

Gorka who is not wanting to put up with any of the ‘Fake News’ media called one of the individuals an ‘A**hat’ on his way out.

Conservative and pro-Trump celebrity singer,  Joy Villa, got into an altercation with Brian Karem at the same event after the Gorka incident.

Here is a song from Joy Villa!



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