Breaking: Mueller Testimony Postponed!

PHOTO: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

July 12, 2019

Former FBI Special Council Robert Mueller was scheduled to testify in front of Congress over his Mueller report. This was originally slated for July 17th, but it has now been postponed for July 24th.

It is unclear to why it has been postponed, but it is likely that there is not a fully agreed upon setting for who gets questioning rights.

Fox News reported, “Mueller was slated to testify in public before the Judiciary Committee for two hours or more, followed by another two hours-plus of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in an open setting.”

Fox News continued, “But there were conflicting details over plans for a subsequent private session. One source told Fox News this week that the Democrats plan to have Mueller testify behind closed doors–yet it remained unclear whether Mueller himself would participate in that setting, or if his deputies would answer questions instead.”

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