Gay Pride Month Turns Into Sexually Objectifying Children!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

June 10, 2019

Gay Pride Month has taken a serious disgusting turn the year of 2019. The Pride month has embraced the transgender movement, but the alarming aspect is the embracing transgender children that haven’t hit puberty yet.

In this video posted by VICE shows a quick documentary of young boys dressed as girls. The young boys are dressed as slutty characters of women. They are paraded around and dance around adults.

In this video they show a young boy who is famous for drag. This boy was indoctrinated by his parents and reality tv drag show Ru Paul.

During a Gay pride parade a young boy sexually twerked his butt in the air dancing around adult men like he was a stripper at a club searching for dollar bills. The adult gay men danced around him in celebration in the super creepy way they are.

What we are witnessing is child abuse at it’s most dangerous form. Our culture is decaying at an alarming rate that should not be accepted. These actions need to be shamed and rejected by all moral civilized societies. If adults want to parade around about being gay that is fine, but do not bring children in to this disgusting world of sexual dancing around men.


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