True Hero: Vet Running For Congress “fight socialists in Congress just like I fought terrorists!”

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

May 28, 2019

Military Veteran Harrison Floyd is running for Congress in Georgia’s 7th District as a Republican in 2020. His announcement sent shockwaves across the country sending fear in to the radical anti-American Democrats.

Harrison Floyd released a video announcing his campaign where he made statements that Conservatives and anyone who loves this country should support. Floyd stated he plans to fight Socialism in Congress like he fought terrorists in the desert.


The Left went into panic mode claiming Floyd is threatening violence against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. Obviously that is not true, and the only way you could walk away with that thought is if you have a reading comprehension level of a 2 year old.

However, Socialism should be fought against with every thing we true American patriots have in us. Socialism is a cancer and is anti-American idea. Socialism was not created in the United States, but was created in Germany by Karl Marx.


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