Ben Carson Fires Back At Ilhan Omar!


Article by Bryan Howard

May 23, 2019

Ilhan Omar retweeted a video from CSPAN with HUD Secretary Ben Carson and radical Socialist Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) having a highly contentious back and forth.

During the back and forth Cason mocking said to Pressley he is reclaiming his time. This irritated Pressley to a further level that made Carson smirk.

Ilhan Omar took time away from saying derogatory remarks towards Jews and Christians to target a successful black man.

Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar tweeted, “Not sure he was fully awake, maybe he meant to reclaim his time back to sleep.”

Carson fired back, “Since you brought it up… I know what it’s like to actually be sleepy, especially after 18-hour surgeries and operating on babies in the womb. I hope @IlhanMN knows I care about all people, even those she doesn’t recognize as having a right to life.

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