Trump Boosts GOP To Special Election Victory In Pennsylvania!

Photo: CNN Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

May 22, 2019

President Trump’s rally boosts Republican to special election victory. Republican state Rep. Fred Keller won Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District special election Tuesday.

Donald Trump held a rally for Keller in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on Monday. Establishing that Trump still has a lot of pull in Pennsylvania.

Trump tweeted out before his rally,  “Fred Keller of the Great State of Pennsylvania has been an outstanding State Representative. Now he is running as the Republican Nominee for Congress, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will do a fantastic job — I look forward to seeing everyone tonight!”

Keller won 70.3 percent of the vote at the moment the race was called, while Democratic opponent Marc Friedenberg recurved 29.9%.

The Pennsylvania 12th district has been a red area, but this is proof Democrats are not going to have an easy battle in the swing state.

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