WATCH: Dana Loesch On Gun Laws Proposed By 2020 Candidates

PHOTO: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

May 6, 2019

Dana Loesch was interviewed by the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill at the NRA convention in Indianapolis. Loesch claimed every single Democrat running in 2020 has proposed a radical gun control measure.

Dana Loesch stated, “Every single one of these candidates at some point, at some moment or another have talked about serious radical gun measures.”

Dana Loesch focused on Eric Swalwell’s obsession with her and how he refuses to debate her. Swalwell has slandered Dana Loesch publicly but is afraid to actually have a serious debate with the relentless freedom fighting Conservative.

Loesch has taken issue with Swalwell’s desire to demand gun buy back policy. Swalwell claims if people refuse the buy back program he will jail them.

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