Rep. McCarthy Venezuela “is the Bernie Sanders, the AOC of the policies that are moving forward.”

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Article by Bryan Howard

May 2, 2019

California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss Socialism. McCarthy noted that everyone should take notice of Venezuela because this is the exact Socialism Democrats are proposing today.

McCarthy stated, “All of America should watch what is happening in Venezuela. There is about 50,000 people a day who pass over that border to Colombia to buy the essentials from milk to toilet paper… They do not have electricity.”

McCarthy continued, “The hospitals do not have electricity. They do not have running water. Babies are being born and put in cardboard boxes.”

McCarthy noted, “This is what is scary, because 20 years ago Venezuela was the jewel of Latin America. It was a socialist policy that promised you free health care, promised you free education.”

“Well, this is what you have done,” McCarthy said. “This is the Bernie Sanders, the AOC of the policies that are moving forward.”

“The criminal regime and those that have made a gorgeous country like Venezuela … what we have seen firsthand today, families that have to come here every three days [to Colombia] to buy milk because they don’t have electricity to refrigerate it, others who don’t even have access to medicine and it takes them half a day to walk here,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy concluded, “The U.S. is with you … we want to restore liberty.”

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