Trump Jr. Calls Out MSNBC Hypocrisy On Criticism of Ilhan Omar!

Photo of Donald Trump Jr. by Brian Losness/Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

April 14, 2019

Donald Trump Jr. used MSNBC host Chris Hayes against himself on Saturday night. The radical Socialist propagandist Chris Hayes claimed the President was endangering the life of Ilhan Omar for quoting her exact words on 9/11. Trump Jr. used his logic against him about the threats against the Trump family.

Hayes tweeted, “The President is actively and willfully endangering the life of a member of Congress.”

Trump Jr. put Christ Hayes in his place for the lies spread about the Trump’s from his network and Hayes himself.

“Yea, he should really stop quoting her directly,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “By your stupid logic does all of your network’s insane leftist commentary and lies over the last 2 years ‘actively and willfully’ endanger the life of the President? Asking for people who actually like America and Americans.”


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