Schiff claims Barr is “doing the bidding of the President of the United States” for spying claims!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 12, 2019

‘Pencil Neck’ Adam Schiff has his tin foil hat on making outrageous claims to an ABC reporter. The pencil necked Congressman claims Attorney General William Barr is doing the President’s bidding by claiming there was spying against the President.

Schiff stated, “It is stunning to hear the top law enforcement office in the country talk so cavalierly about spying on a political campaign. This must be very pleasing to Donald Trump, who wants to create a narrative that he’s the victim of some deep-state coup. The attorney general has a higher responsibility than simply doing the bidding of the president. I’m sure this is exactly what the president wanted him to say. … That is music to Donald Trump’s ears.”

Adam Schiff seems to ignore the fact that it is a fact President Trump’s campaign was spied on and legitimate organization or high ranking positions dispute that fact. The only disputed fact is if the Trump campaign was spied on for legal grounds. That is exactly what William Barr stated in his hearing and it is an undisputed fact unless you’re a conspiracy theorist like Adam Schiff.


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