Da Nang Dick Want’s Barr To Stop Investigation Into Spy Claim Against Trump!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 12, 2019

Stolen Valor Senator Richard Blumenthal ‘Da Nang Dick’ is shaking in fear from Attorney General William Barr for his desire to investigate the spying on President Trump’s campaign in 2015. Blumenthal is doing what ever he can to stop Barr from investigating this serious crime the Democrats were apart of.

Blumenthal tweeted, “AG Barr must retract his unfounded, irresponsible claim that American law enforcement ‘spied’ on the Trump Campaign. The only spies interfering in the 2016 campaign were Russian ones.”

Blumenthal continued, As Barr admitted, there is absolutely no evidence that our nation’s own law enforcement officers did anything unlawful during their investigation into Russian meddling in our democracy. To recklessly suggest otherwise is deeply offensive—& worse, it is dangerous.”

Blumenthal “I’m deeply disappointed AG Barr has so demeaned himself & DOJ by carelessly acting as a mouthpiece for Trump’s conspiracy theories. This language has a real, measurable impact on the lives & safety of our men & women in law enforcement. He owes them a retraction & an apology.”


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