AG Barr “I think spying did occur” against Trump campaign!

PHOTO: Screenshot/YouTube

Article by Bryan Howard

April 10, 2019

Attorney General William Barr was in his second Senate hearing where he released the fact that he believes President Trump’s campaign was spied on. Barr claimed “I think spying did occur” when he answered Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen question.

Shaheen asked, “You’re not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?”

Barr responded, “I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur. But the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated.”

Barr continued, “I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicated, but I need to explore that.”

Barr released that he found enough evidence to concern him, “I believe there is a basis for my concern, but I’m not going to discuss it. I’m not suggesting that those rules were violated, but I think it’s important to look at that.”

Barr continued, “I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of the intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016.”

“This is not launching an investigation of the FBI,” he added. “To the extent there were any issues at the FBI, I do not view it as a problem that’s endemic to the FBI. I think there was probably a failure among a group of leaders there at the upper echelon, so I don’t like to hear attacks of the FBI.”



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