Eight And Counting Allegations Against Joe Biden!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 9, 2019

A new allegation has emerged against the former vice president Joe Biden. In a written article in ‘Slate’ Lilly Jay wrote a piece detailing her experience with Biden claiming he got close enough that she could tell the “vice president’s breath smells like—coffee.”

Jay wrote, “When I entered the East Room to deliver my speech, the crowd stood and clapped as if I were some kind of composite of all the young women and men who had similarly been hurt as college students. How bizarre to be applauded for just carrying on after a traumatic event; I hadn’t been aware there were other options. My remarks called upon college administrations, professors, and students not to rely on survivors to do the hard work of creating necessary change, but rather to take responsibility for their own communities. I introduced Biden as an ally. When he came to the stage, he leaned in and gave me coffee-scented words of encouragement. Then he held my hand and pointed at me as he said something to the crowd. ”

Jay continued, “Holding hands with the vice president felt a little odd—when was the last time I had held hands with anyone? But I didn’t experience it as intrusive or unsettling. I remember later being disappointed that most of the press pictures of me that day captured some degree of physical contact with either the vice president or president. I could have sworn there was a moment I stood on my own. But mostly I tried not to think about my day at the White House at all. It was meant to be my lemonade from lemons, a capstone to an experience I’d sooner forget.”

Lilly Jay continued to discuss how her view on the encounter changed when other woman have told their stories.

Jay wrote, “While reading Lucy Flores’ and Sofie Karasek’s accounts last week of their interactions with Biden, a knot gathered in my stomach. I experienced, in a very small dose, the kind of doubt, the queasy sense of having been duped that I once felt so strongly as a survivor. I believe Flores and Karasek, and I believe they felt humiliated and distressed by Biden’s physical contact. It was me who I doubted. The feeling of questioning my own experience was a familiar one. Why hadn’t I been more aware of Biden’s contact with me? Why didn’t it occur to me to be perturbed? Why had I so quickly discredited my annoyance at having to hold hands with him like I was a little girl?”

Lilly found it very unsettling when she saw Joe Biden’s fake apology and joking about touching people during a speech.

Joe Biden has now faced his eighth accusation of overstepping boundaries and it seems that more women will likely come forward.


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