Dem Rep. Swalwell Ignorantly Still Stands By Collusion Claims!

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 27, 2019

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell appeared on Fox News with host Martha MacCallum on Tuesday night to see if he would backtrack on any of his Trump conspiracies he spewed. Swalwell did not disappoint by showing how delusional and corrupt the Democrats are by doubling down on all his statements, despite the Mueller report refuting everything they have claimed.

During the interview Martha MacCallum became dumbfounded over the fact that Eric Swalwell was claiming the Steele Dossier was credible and Trump colluded with Russia.

“So it doesn’t bother you that the Clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that turned out to be not necessarily factual,” MacCallum asked.

Swalwell responded, “Which part of it hasn’t been proven factual?”

MacCallum questioned, “Are you serious?”

MacCallum added, “You think the dossier — for one thing, Michael Cohen said he never went to Prague. There were basically a few main tenets of it. One of them was the salacious story about what happened in a hotel. None of that has proved to be factual. The meeting that Cohen supposedly took in Prague was also proved to not have happened. He testified [to] that under oath in front of Congress.”
Swalwell stated, “Now you accept with what Michael Cohen said? Because if you accept what Michael Cohen said about Prague, then I think you also have to accept that Michael Cohen saw Donald Trump talk to Roger Stone, where Roger Stone said the Wikileaks attack is happening. So if you are accepting that, then you accept that Donald Trump knew about the Russian interference campaign and that is the issue here, Martha.”

MacCallum finished, “You can be on record as standing by what was found in the dossier and I think there is a lot of evidence to refute that.”


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