Mark Cuban Educates Ocasio-Cortez On Student Loan Forgiveness!

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 22, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for her student loan forgiveness plan. Insinuating her idea was not well thought out nor will it be effective to solve the problem.

Ocasio-Cortez initiated Cuban’s response by posting a false tweet about tax cuts, which Cuban did not dispute (That means I will). AOC claims tax cuts for the rich means we lost money as a Government; however this is not a true statement because the money was not the Government’s to begin with. Also, raising taxes on the rich does not mean their will be more tax revenue for the Government considering since Trump’s tax cut we have the highest Federal revenue ever.

AOC tweeted,

“Cost of the GOP Tax Scam for the rich:~$1.8-2.3 Trillion

Cost of forgiving all student loans in America:~$1.5 Trillion

Clearly where there’s a will, there’s a way.

When people say that there isn’t “enough” to do these things, what they mean is they don’t *want* to do them.”


Cuban responded, “Unfortunately, if you just forgive loans wo resolving why tuition is high in the first place, you have given schools carte blanche to raise tuition. Why wouldn’t they raise tuition if future loans will be forgiven too ?”


Cuban continued, “The better solution is to offer means tested student loan repayments across the board and cap future loans per family, eliminating the easy money that leads to tuition increases”

The solution in solving expensive University tuition is actually quite simple. If the Universities would cut many of the useless programs like Diversity studies it could drop our education costs drastically. Universities keep creating far left useless programs that do not create jobs after graduation, but these students complain that they cant get a job in LGBT studies.


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