Kellyanne Conway Sides With The President Over Her Husband!

Photo: MIKE SEGAR / Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

March 21, 2019

President Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway gave an interview over the phone with Politico to talk about the feud between her husband and the President. Kellyanne claimed the President has a right to ‘counterpunch’ when her husband George is unfairly calling the President mentally unstable.

Kellyanne Conway stated to Politico, “He left it alone for months out of respect for me. But you think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? You think he should just take that sitting down?”

Kellyanne Conway continued, “Don’t play psychiatrist any more than George should be. You’re not a psychiatrist and he’s not, respectfully.”

Kellyanne continued to discuss how the President has treated her with respect.

Kellyanne stated, “The president is obviously defending me. He could privately say to me, ‘Honey you’re a distraction. We love you. You’ll always be a part of the family but go be with your kids. They need you. Go make a million dollars an hour. Go do that honey.’ It’s the opposite.”

Politico asked the senior aide if this would affect her job.

Kellyanne responded, “Why would it affect my job? Hasn’t everybody tried to push me out already and here I am, stronger than ever,” she said. “You’re looking at it the wrong way.”

Kellyanne concludes with a final shot at her husband George Conway, “Yesterday George spent the day tweeting about the president,” she noted. “I spent my day doing two one-hour briefings with press and intergovernmental affairs people, agency people from all across the country and then over an hour briefing that I led in the Oval Office with the president and first lady in the cabinet on opioids at one year, so this is what I do here. I think it probably looks differently if everybody is turning into ‘Gossip Girl.’”


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