Jim Acosta Whines After Being Ignored During Trump And Bolsonaro Conference!

Photo: Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

March 20, 2019

CNN’s Jim Acosta whined after he was ignored during the question portion of President Trump and Brazilian President’s conference.

Acosta went straight to the airwaves on CNN to cry and complain that he wasn’t given the opportunity to make the conference about Jim Acosta.

Acosta whined, ”There was a lot of that going on during this news conference, but I think, Brooke, the thing that has to be noted, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t note it, is that when the President of Brazil mentioned the term ‘fake news,’ he got sort of a smile and a nod from President Trump. And, you know, this is something that we’ve seen since President Trump came into office, called this network fake news, his referring to the press as the enemy of the people and so on is that this is a virus that is spreading around the world.”

Acosta continued crying, “When you have the President of Brazil calling the press fake news, he is — he is trying to essentially, you know, in a sycophantic sort of way, suck up to the President of the United States. There’s no other way of putting it and trying to emulate him down, as they call him in Brazil, as the Trump of the tropics. You know, this is — this is another example of when the President of the United States says something here in the U.S. referring to the press as fake news, referring to the press in other derogatory terms, other leaders around the world, other governments around the world are listening and Jair Bolsonaro proved that to all of us here in this Rose Garden news conference, Brooke.”



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