Dick’s Sporting Goods Taking Harsher Stance Against Guns! Did Not Learn!

Article by Bryan Howard

March 13, 2019

Dick’s Sporting Goods have not learned their lesson for pushing Progressive agenda. Last year Dick’s Sporting Goods removed Guns from ten of their stores. Dick’s announced on Tuesday they are going to remove selling guns in 125 of the 700.

Last Year Dick’s celebrated their decision to move away from selling guns on twitter.

Outside of the removal of selling guns in select stores Dick’s Sporting Goods refuse to sell guns to individuals under the age of 21. The stock of the sporting goods store has steadily dropped 3.1%. The company will likely take another massive hit on their stock after this new announcement.

Conservatives need to stop shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods for being a leftists supporting company. If you have a second sports store in your town then I advice you shop their.


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