Illinois Attempting To Ban Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 1, 2019

Counties in Illinois are attempting to fight back against the Democrat controlled state that is taking away gun rights. These small counties are creating gun control sanctuary counties against the wishes of the Democrat majority. Now Democrats are fighting back proposing a bill that would ban any sanctuary counties to protect gun rights.

Illinois State Democrat Rep. Terra Costa Howard proposed overreaching bill HB 3553. This bill has entered the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee and will likely pass. Once the bill makes it to Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker he will sign the bill with glee.

The HB 3553 Bill synapses reads as,

“Amends the Counties Code and the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that a county or municipality may not pass an ordinance or resolution restricting enforcement of any State law or regulation concerning the ownership or use of firearms unless permitted to do so under the express provisions of the law or regulation. Defines “firearm”. Limits home rule powers.”


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