Pelosi: The World Will Change In 2020 When Texas Turns Blue!

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 8, 2019

Nancy Pelosi gave a speech at the Travis Country Democratic Party’s Johnson Bentsen Richards Dinner, where she claimed Democrats plan to turn Texas Blue. Democrats are drooling at the idea of flipping Texas into a Blue Democrat ran state because that would be the end of the Republican party.

Pelosi stated, “Texas is ground zero for us in the next election. When you helped win in 2018, you were doing something very patriotic for America and when we win a great Democratic victory — and it’s essential that we win the victory in 2020 — we will know that that victory was our destiny.”

Pelosi continued, “Know your power, this state is so important. When it turns — and it will soon — it will make a difference not only in Texas and the lives of individual people here, it will make a difference in the country and it will make a difference in the world.”

Democrats understand Texas is the second most valuable state in electoral votes. Currently Texas is worth 38 electoral college points and will likely jump to 41-42 after the 2020 Census. If Democrats ever flip Texas the entire nation is over and the American experiment will come to an end. America would officially become a Socialist nation, but this is why we shall fight back and refuse to allow Texas to turn Blue.


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