Democrat Clyburn Claims Omar Expierence Is More Important Than Holocaust!

PHOTO: The Hill

Article by Bryan Howard

March 7, 2019

Democrats are defending Antisemitism at every turn and protecting and praising bleeding Jew hater Ilhan Omar. The most disgusting defense of Omar came from House Minority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), where he claimed Omar experience is more empirical than any person who had family in the Holocaust and Japanese internment camps.

James Clyburn gave an interview with The Hill’s Mike Ellis where he made his horrific statements.

Mike Ellis wrote, “Clyburn came to Omar’s defense Wednesday, lamenting that many of the media reports surrounding the recent controversy have omitted mentioning that Omar, who was born in Somalia, had to flee the country to escape violence and spent four years in a Kenyan refugee camp before coming to the United States.”

Ellis continued, “Her experience, Clyburn argued, is much more empirical — and powerful — than that of people who are generations removed from the Holocaust, Japanese internment camps during World War II and the other violent episodes that have marked history.”

Clyburn continued, “I’m serious about that. There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her. I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.”

Democrats have jumped into a seriously scary movement that has serious resemblances to Hitler’s NAZI movement. We Christians and Conservatives need to stand strong against the Democrats and protect our Jewish Brothers and Sisters.


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