Crenshaw ‘Dems need to accept Ilhan Omar has deep prejudices about Jewish people’

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 6, 2019

Republican Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw went after the Democrats for accepting Ilhan Omar’s deep hatred for Jewish people. Crenshaw calls for the Democrats to remove Omar from her Foreign Affairs Committee seat due to her deeply held prejudices of Jewish people.

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been claiming the Jewish Israelis are buying off our government politicians in order to do the work of Israel. Omar questions everyone who supports Israel for having dual loyalty. Omar has supported the boycott of Jewish businesses, which is the same idea Hitler and the NAZI’s started with.

Crenshaw stated, “At some point Dems just need to accept that @IlhanMN has deeply held prejudices about the Jewish people. Stop explaining her comments away and “asking for dialogue.””

Crenshaw continued, “It’s clear an apology from her is hollow.”

Crenshaw finished, “And she has a platform on the Foreign Affairs Committee? Really?”


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