Watch: Bernie Sanders Blamed U.S. For Antagonizing Soviet Union In 1986!

PHOTO: Fox News Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 4, 2019

A new video has emerged of Bernie Sanders from 1986, where he blamed the United States for the nuclear tension between the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders then continued to blame the media as well, but never placed any blame on the Communist regime. There are many instances of past videos where Bernie Sanders has went far out of his way to protect the Communist ran countries against the United States.

Bernie Sanders claimed, “Why is there a policy in this country which is producing more & more nuclear weapons, which is increasingly antagonistic to the Soviet Union, which is trying to destroy Nicaragua?” Sanders began. “How do we change that policy?”

Bernie Sanders continued to blame the media for cultivating the public opinion against the Soviet Union in favor of the United States.

Bernie Sanders stated, “Who helps cultivate public opinion, for example? Has the media done, in my opinion — nationally — an adequate job of informing the people of what goes on in Central America or the Third World? The answer, I think is unquestionably no.”

We as a civilization need to remember Bernie Sanders hates our country and everything it stands for. Bernie Sanders will not think twice about turning our country into a extreme Communist state and punish those who oppose him.


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