Laura Ingraham And Jim Acosta Get In A Twitter Spat!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 1, 2019

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Fox News Laura Ingraham got into a twitter spat with one another. Ingraham mocked Acosta for being a whiny journalist that reported more fake news than the Russians and Chinese.

Acosta was initially upset that President Trump took more questions from the Russian and Chinese media over the White House Press corps. This led Ingraham to respond Trump gets a ‘better shake’ From ‘Chinese and Russian Journalists.’

Acosta ran to Twitter stating, ‘Of course Laura Ingraham sides with the folks at Russian and Chinese State media. Those are her kind of people. .’

Laura Ingraham fired back at Acosta with a hilarious response, ‘Of course Jim @Acosta, who mischaracterized the Trump presser, can’t take a joke and reacts with invective. “[My] kind of people” includes reporters who stick to the facts and don’t need to make themselves the center of every story. Try it sometime. .’


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