New York Governor Signs Gun Confiscation Bill!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 26, 2019

New York Governor signed into law a ‘Red Flag’ law that would enact a mass gun confiscation in 180 days. Cuomo signed this bill on Monday, which is nothing shy of a clear civil rights violation without due process.

Buffalo News reported, “Under the new law, school officials, family members and police can apply to the courts to get a “temporary extreme risk protection order” against an individual. If initially approved by a judge, the individual would be banned from buying, possessing or attempting to buy firearms for up to six days. During that time, a hearing would have to be held on extending the length of the order up to one year. It permits police to confiscate any weapons possessed by the individual.”

Nancy Pelosi ran to Twitter in praise of this horrifying policy that was passed. It is as if Democrats drool over the idea of Americans losing their rights and freedoms.

Pelosi tweeted, “American families deserve to see bold action to prevent gun violence. Thanks to @NYGovCuomo & the New York State Legislature for leading the way by passing the Red Flag Bill & providing an example of the commonsense solutions that will save lives!”

Any Conservatives that live in New York and want to protect your rights and freedoms need to move to a state like Texas. The state of Texas needs more reliable Conservative voters that care about protecting the second amendment.


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