Kamala Harris Wants To Legalize Prostitution!

PHOTO: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

February 27, 2019

The Democrats are embracing the idea of legalizing prostitution in the United States. California Senator and Democrat front Runner for 2020 Kamala Harris gave an interview with ‘The Root’ where she called for decriminalizing sex work.

Kamala Harris stated to the Root, “There is an ecosystem around that that includes crimes that harm people, and for those issues, I do not believe that anybody who hurts another human being or profits off of their exploitation should be free of criminal prosecution. But when you’re talking about consenting adults, we should consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior.”

Harris is the first of the prominent Democrats that have called for the legalization of prostitution. This will soon be followed by all the 2020 Presidential candidates in the Democrat party, which will likely not sit well with a subset of American people that are in the middle.

The calling for legalizing of prostitution is not an acceptable idea in a civilized society and is establishing how radical the Democrats are becoming.


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