Liz Cheney Calls Kamala Harris A Fraud For Embracing Socialism!

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 25, 2019

Wyomin Republican Congresswoman Liz  Cheney laid into Kamala Harris for her slogan ‘For the people.’ Cheney claimed you can’t be for the people and promote Socialism which takes power away from the people and gives it to the government.

Liz Cheney who is a staunch anti-Socialist is calling out Democrats for their false narrative of Socialism is for the people when clearly history has proven otherwise. Socialism is only for the large powerful government and opposes the people.

Cheney’s statements below,

“Let’s never forget the fundamental fraud that’s at the heart of socialism. Every time you see Kamala Harris’s campaign slogan ‘For the people,’ I want you to remember what her real agenda is — taking power from the people to give it to the government.”

“[Harris] fully embraced the socialist wing of their party. She wants Medicare for all to create an all-government health care plan. That would cost $32 trillion in just the first decade.”

You can’t be for the people if you are trying to take more of their hard-earned money in taxes to give to the government.

You can’t be for the people if you are trying to take away their power to make their own health care decisions and give that power to the government.

You can’t be for the people if you believe the government knows best.

You can’t be for the people if every one of your policies strips the people’s freedom and independence.

It is for you and me, in this party, to stand up against the lies the Democrats are selling, to make sure the American people know that when they say “For The People” what they really mean is “For The Government”

It is for us to stand up for the ideas of private enterprise, personal freedom, and individual responsibility — those ideas that bring out the best in our country, and hold back the worst in our government.

It is for you and me to fight for the fundamental miracle and principle at the heart of our founding — that our rights come from God, not from the federal government. That the job of our government is to protect and defend our rights as they are enshrined in our Constitution. That our government works for us, not the other way around.


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