Democrat Calls Majority Black District “N****r District.”


Article by Bryan Howard

February 26, 2019

A Democrat delegate was exposed for using the ‘N’ word while referring to a heavily black district in Maryland. Del. Mary Ann Lisanti called the district in Prince George’s County a “n***** district,” and was forced to apologize to the Black caucus of Maryland.

Lisanti allegedly used this phrase at a cigar lounge with another white Democrat in Annapolis, Maryland.

Caucus chair Del Darryl Barnes (D) told the Washington Post. She recognizes how she has hurt so many within the caucus, and she hoped to repent from this. She said that she doesn’t remember fully what happened, but she recognizes what happened.”

Barnes continued, “I do think that someone who uses the word, it’s a reflection of what’s in their heart.”

The Democrat Party is having serious issues of raging racism within their party even though the baseless claim the GOP are racists. It is as if Democrats are never held to standards Republicans are held to, while the Democrats always portray their crimes and sins onto the Republicans.


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