Ocasio-Cortez Tells Everyone She’s The Boss. Comparisons Between Her And ‘Cash Me Outside’

PHOTO: Daily Mail

Article by Bryan Howard

February 25, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded in a speech about the criticism received on her Green New Deal proposal. Ocasio-Cortez arrogantly and ignorantly claimed she is the ‘boss, how about that.’

The radical Socialist is trumpeting her fake science of man made climate change from the IPCC, and wondering why no-one else has attempted to propose a serious policy to combat Climate Change. It may not have clicked to her yet that maybe the Democrats only like to run on the idea, but never propose policies because it isn’t real.


The funnest aspect of her video is she is showing stark comparisons between her and the Dr. Phil ‘cash me outside’ girl. James Woods posted a video comparing the two.




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