DNC Chairman Compares Trump To Castro, Kim, And Putin!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 24, 2019

The Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez appeared on Fox News with Chris Wallace. During the interview Perez made an asinine statement comparing President Trump to Castro, Kim, and Putin.

Perez stated,“The whole interesting thing about the continued use of the word socialism is that repressive socialist regimes, two of their most frequent qualities are: number one, they go after the press. They try to undermine the press. And number two, they have endemic corruption. I find it very ironic when you hear this president using the word socialist all the time. I mean, he, Putin, Kim, Castro, what they all have in common is they were doing so many of the same things. You shouldn’t be attacking the press the way this president does. It’s unprecedented.”

Chris Wallace reiterated, “I got to interrupt for a second. Are you putting the president in the same class as Putin, Kim, and Castro?”

Perez said, “I’m just saying authoritarian, socialist regimes undermine the media. That is wrong. You shouldn’t do that period. No footnotes. No exceptions. Authoritarian, socialist regimes have endemic corruption.”

The Democrats are off their rockers comparing President Trump who has been the most freedom fighter in America to Athoritarian Socialist country dictators.


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