American Freedom Deal Proposal!!!!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 22, 2019

The left is always proposing offensive policies that would reshape the United States that would remove the Constitution and capitalism. The left has proposed the New Deal from FDR that was nearly the exact same policy as Fascist Italy’s society. Now we have the Green New Deal from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that would make the United States the most extreme Communist nation in the history of man. This is why I am tired of Conservatives playing defense and advocating for us to start playing offense, which is why I am proposing the ‘American Freedom Deal.’

The list below will be a start to my new deal that will grow as time goes, which is designed to get the United states back on track to the American idea the founding fathers dreamed for us. The left will find what I propose as radical, but everything I propose is 100% needed in order to give back freedom to Americans and prevent the further decay of our culture.

The Removal of Federal Taxes!

The only way to give American citizens freedom is by allowing them to keep their property (money) and not be slaves to the Government. The United States did not always tax American citizens on a Federal level and did not actually come into affect until the year 1913 from President Woodrow Wilson passing the 16th Amendment.

The Federal Government has been stealing money from the American citizens at unfair tax rates in order to fiscally support their useless programs that are created to control the American citizens. Most Citizens are paying 20% or more in taxes and this is destructive to our society.

We will replace the Federal Tax system with a fair tax system (Sales tax) and state taxes. The states will pay the federal government a level of taxes comparable to their state population. This would hold states responsible to providing a fair tax system in order to keep their population from moving out.

Removal of All Social Welfare Programs

The welfare programs have grown far too large and showed they are being abused in a way that is sucking our economy dry and driving up our national debt. Yes many people will lose out on a Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, but if we don’t stop this bleeding our Country won’t exist in 50-80 years from now.

Note: we can allow citizens who currently are retired on Social Security to keep it as long as you actually need it. If you have a substantial amount of wealth you will lose it instantly. If you are 50 or younger you will never receive any program and will unfortunately be required to pay for the individuals on the program at the moment.

Roughly 60 percent of our federal budget comes from welfare programs and if not removed we will have a never ending debt that will crumble our country.

Create an Amendment to outlaw the Federal Government from passing any wealth redistribution schemes. Federal Government does not have the right to take from one person and give to the other in order to garner votes. This is theft even if the people voted for it.


Instant Removal of Useless Federal Organizations (EPA and IRS)

The federal Government is over bloated with useless programs that are costing our tax payers far too much. We need to remove as many federal employees as we can to get them in the private sector that will grow substantially from the removal of a federal tax. We see these federal government organizations being used to target Americans and their freedoms. We saw the IRS used to target Conservative political groups under President Obama, and the EPA suing every oil corporation in order to gain unjustly more money.

There are many more federal organizations that over abuse their powers and I will not take the time to directly name every single organization at this moment.


Removal of Public Education and Make Them Private

Our education system is failing miserably and becoming far too expensive. Most of our educators are radical leftists and need force feeding false knowledge onto our youth. This is why we are seeing a moral decay in our society and need to have an instant change. If our education system becomes private then Politicians can not force immoral Marxism and the removal of western cultural teachings.

Two requirements for Private schools will be to learn about the Bible and to replace Marxist teachings with western philosophy teachings. There is nothing positive about Marxism, yet professors try hard to put a positive spin on it.

This could be a slow transition because there is an issue every student has a right to education, and we will need to make sure a system is in place in order to guareentee all students will be in a school.

Adding God Back Into Public Society

Our society needs God back into the public square like it once was during the founding of our country. Our entire country was built from the Bible and we can not have the same moral society without God. Anyone who believes otherwise is either naive or uneducated on western philosophy.


Abolishing Abortion

There is not much to say on this topic other than we can not support the blatant murdering of babies. This abomination needs to be outlawed and criminalized.


Build The Wall With Strong Border Security

We will build a large powerful wall at the southern border that will not be penetrable. We will increase border security and upgrades in technology.


Illegal Immigration Issues

We will deport all illegal immigrants that have entered our country illegally. Our country has been corrupted by many illegals voting in our election system and causing crimes with MS-13. It is time to deport all illegals out of our Country, but if you did not commit any crimes while being here you may enter in the back of the line to come back into the United States. If you broke any laws while being here illegally you are never allowed back into our country.

Since we are removing all illegals we will allow DACA recipients to stay as long as they were not hardened violent criminals while being here.

End of chain migration and if illegals cross to have a baby in order to make their baby citizens. In order to be a citizen of the United States your parent has to be a citizen themselves.


Voting Issues

We will require a photo ID and Government license in order to prove identity of who is voting. We will end mail in ballots and require all citizens to show up in person to vote. If caught cheating an election you shall serve 20 years in prison due to the treasonous act. Voter fraud is a serious issue and needs to be taken seriously in order to protect our Constitutional Republic.

This is only a start to the American Freedom deal and I anticipate to add more to this proposal. We Conservatives need to go on the offensive and demand our ideas to be swiftly added into law. If we do not our country could be lost for good and the American experiment will be lost forever.




3 thoughts on “American Freedom Deal Proposal!!!!

  1. I cannot disagree. I would add go through the list of regulations and remove all regulations that are unlawful or unconstitutional as well as any laws that are unconstitutional- any anti amendment laws to start.
    Remove the BAR from the lawyer exam. We are no longer part of England. If they want to make a lawyer take an exam, than rename it something else.

    Remove the NDAA, socialized healthcare, and NSA to start.
    We do not appreciate propaganda or being spied on, privatize healthcare.

    Remove the protections for the vaccine industry, get rid of FISA, and make Park and Forestry personnel local rather than Governmental.

    Remove the guns from the IRS, down size the CIA and FBI.

    Strengthen the 10th amendment and strengthen the Sovereignty clause toward the states due to unconstitutional actions on the Federal level.

    Cut regulations on businesses to allow them to grow. They can then hire all those out of work IRS and NSA agents.

    Completely and fully test ALL vaccines using a TRUE control and audit the vaccine industry, removing all protections for them.

  2. Wheres the Additional wording strengthening the Second Amendment by ending all NFA laws, requiring a supermajority of both sides of congress to alter the Second Amendment, to create national conceal carry right, and ban on states and localities from superceeding the Second Amendment. We want the Second Amendment to be one law for the entire nation that means what it says and applies to all states and localities. That means all small arms including automatic weapons and their ammunition to be legal to manufacture and possess in all 50 states and without punitive taxes, fees, restrictions or other limits on their ownership and use. A national ban on all weapons registration. Make it lawful for individuals to manufacture firearms and ammunition for personal use. All transfers of weapons between family members to be unrestricted and unregulated and unregistered. I’m sure Second Amendment lawyers in the group have additional ideas.

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