39 Years Ago Miracle On Ice Happened. Conservatives Need To Defeat Communist Party Again!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 23, 2019

39 years ago miracle on Ice happened in the 1980 Olympic games where a young rag tag team of armatures beat the power house Communist Soviet Union team. The cold war was at its peak against the Soviet Union and the United States was suffering from a recession due to the Jimmy Carter administration. The United States needed a moral victory and were able to receive one by winning the 1980 Olympic Gold medal in hockey. Today Conservatives resemble the young USA team while the Leftists resemble the powerhouse Soviet team.

The Soviet Union was loaded with the best talent in the world that defeated the NHL all star team. They were considered an unbeatable force very similar to the leftist entity within the United States. The left has full control of our education system, media, Hollywood, government organizations, and the United Nations this makes them a powerhouse that is questionably beatable.

The United States team was filled with young college kids who were smaller in size and talent, but they were filled with passion, grit, and a leader who instilled a battle plan in coach Herb Brooks. Conservatives today do not have been removed from the education system, media, and government organizations. However, we fight back with passion in internet web-pages like ‘Preserve Conservative Values’ and our people have grit that the leftist know nothing about. We also have a leader that pushes us hard to win in President Trump.

Today we face similar situations as the young United States team but we can overcome the obstacles if we have faith, passion, and grit. I will steal a quote from Coach Brooks with a slight change,  “This is your time. Their time is done, it’s over. I am sick and tired of hearing how great the left is, screw em. This is your time. Now go out there at take it.”

Coach Brooks speech from movie by Kurt Russell.


Miracle on Ice highlights.


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