WATCH: Abortion Worker Clinic Claims They Will Place Drown Live Baby In Jar Of Solution

PHOTO: Live Action

Article by Bryan Howard

February 22, 2019

‘Live Action’ showed an undercover video of an abortion worker telling the woman they will drown a baby alive in a jar of solution. It is a sad event and horrific words that will stick with you for awhile. The abortion worker is outright calling for drowning a baby in order to murder it.

When asked if the 6 month unborn child comes out twitching and alive the worker responded they place the child into a jar of solution in order to kill it.

The pregnant woman stated, “Like, what if it was, like, twitching, or something like that.”

The worker continued, “The solution will make it stop. It’s not gonna be moving around in the jar. That’s the whole purpose of the solution.”

Lila Rose tweeted, “Our investigators exposed this New York abortion facility, which says they will put a born-alive baby in a jar of “solution” to drown her. They also say to “flush” the baby down the toilet, or “put it in a bag” if she’s born alive.”


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