Watch: Warren Hates That Israel Likes Trump And Republicans!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 21, 2019

Elizabeth Warren appeared on the far leftist “Pod Save America” podcast with host Tommy Vietor. During the interview the two discussed the relationship between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the interview Warren mocked the fact that Netanyahu favors only the Republicans. I guess Warren can,t understand why Israel Prime Minister would dislike the Democrats when they openly call of the destruction of Israel.

Vietor ignorantly stated, “When I look at Israel, I look at Bibi Netanyahu putting up campaign signs that feature big photos of him and President Trump. This weekend, he released a TV ad attacking his opponent, Benny Gantz, accusing him of colluding with Obama behind his back, and it had this like, grainy, darkened image of Obama, and I’m just wondering does it worry you that such a close ally has fully aligned with one political party, the Republican Party?”

Warren responded, “Yes, that’s what I was talking about, the difference between the administrations. Yes, and honestly, I don’t think this is good for Israel. I mean, I think this is terrible for Israel and that that’s the direction he’s going. Of course, also remember, he’s under investigation, others in his administration, in his family —“

Vietor attempt at humor, “Are we talking about Netanyahu or Trump?”

Warren horrible attempt at understanding what she is talking about, “Oh, I’m sorry, which one were we talking about? Yeah, sentence applies in both places, doesn’t it? But I think that is part of the point; Trump is not forever and neither is Netanyahu.”

There is a strong relationship with Israel and the Republican Party exclusively. Obama’s administration interfered with the Israel election in an attempt to destroy Netanyahu, but as Democrats clearly didn’t learn if you mess with Israel’s election God will mess with your elections.


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