Donald Trump Jr. Fires Off On Alec Baldwin For Claiming Trump Is Threatening Him And His Family!

PHOTO: The Hill

Article by Bryan Howard

February 19, 2019

Donald Trump Jr. fired back at Alec Baldwin for claiming President Trump is stirring up his voter base to attack him and his family. Trump Jr. let Baldwin know to spare everyone the ‘Bull Sh*t.’

The initial Tweet that started everything came from President Trump when he called out Alec Baldwin for his skit attacking Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Alec Baldwin responded on Twitter turning himself into the victim somehow.


Trump Jr. responded on Twitter claiming, “The guy that punches people in the face over a parking spot, has aggressively harassed paparazzi, and humiliated his daughter berating her over the phone eye etc is worried about a tweet that doesn’t even mention him? Okay”

“Spare everyone your bullshit Alec!”


Trump Jr. continued, “Oh, Don’t forget the homophobic slurs… this clown is such a mess it’s hard to keep track”


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