Rank Greatest And Worst Presidents Of All Time!

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 18, 2019

Presidents Day is a time to celebrate and remember some of our greatest Presidents of the past and what contributions the have made in out great country. I would like to release a list of the top four greatest Presidents in our history, while breaking down the list of four all time terrible Presidents of our history.

In the list of all time great Presidents I am making my determination based on who had the largest impact in our country during a time of crises to prevent our country from falling forever. I am not basing everything off of policies passed because some Presidents did not face critical times of crises, which made their job far easier than others.

1. George Washington-

George Washington has to receive the top of all Presidents being the first President of the United States he faced more turmoil than any President could ever face. After Washington was able to lead our country to victory in the Revolution we were in desperate need of a leader to be President.

The United States was not a united country after the Revolution and were deeply divided between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The country was at a cross roads and if either party had a member picked to be the first President the country was likely to fall, but George Washington was not an idealist who sided with either party. Washington was a General and natural born leader and was beloved by all. Washington was capable of keeping the peace within the Country and bridge the massive divide that were placed between the two parties. With out George Washing the United States would not have survived long and would have been split into many little countries.


2. Abe Lincoln-

Abe Lincoln comes in second for the greatest President of my all time list due to his ability to end one of the largest sins against God in American history in slavery. Lincoln was able to stand against the Democrats North and South not to mention the Democrat favored media in an attempt to free slaves. The country was heavily divided before Lincoln took office over the issues of slavery much to the point of abortion is today.

The Christian Republicans were ready to cast off the evils of the Democrat party’s infatuation with human slavery, but only needed a man who had a strong enough will to push a full blown civil war in order to end it. Lincoln needed will power and strength to combat the onslaught of Democrats north and south, media, and even Republicans within his party in order to free the slaves.


3. Ronald Reagan-

Ronald Reagan came about during a time when Socialism/Leftism were controlling both political parties and the country was failing to a point where we were nearing a new Great Depression. Reagan was a Goldwater Conservative who had a gift of being able to charm both sides while not compromising his values. Reagan was able to give the largest tax cuts in history, which saved our economy and brought on the booming 90’s. Reagan was able to defeat Communism in the Soviet Union and push the Democrat party back to the center after moving to the far radical left.

Reagan took an onslaught from the Democrat Party, Media, and Republicans with in his party. However, Reagan was a natural leader who did not fear standing for something that was right even if it means he was hated by everyone. For these reasons Reagan is the third greatest President.


4. Donald Trump-

I told myself I was never going to place Trump in a top list of President’s until the day he was out of office, but his results are undeniable even though he is only entering his third year in office. Trump is on pace to have the greatest conservative policy record and enough to already have him ranked fourth all time. Trump has come about during a time of crises in our country that it is safe to say if he lost to Hillary Clinton we would never had recover from a Socialist take over. Trump was able to be an extreme fighter against the Socialist revolution and gave back much of our freedoms by freeing up the market.

President Trump like Reagan and Lincoln has been under ruthless attacks from the Democrats, Media, and Republicans with in his own party. If we had a weaker President in the Republican party we would be losing to the Socialist take over, but PResident Trump has been a strong leader that is unwilling to back down. Reagan fought the Communists take over of the world, but Trump is fighting the Communist takeover of America. If President Trump builds the wall, defeats Socialism in America, ends abortion, and balances our budget he will be the greatest President of all time.


A quick list of the four worst Presidents in our nations history will be weighed on a scale based on how much damage they cost our nation.

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)-

FDR is the worst President in our nations history hands down due to the policies he passed that we are suffering from still today. FDR pushed through the New Deal policies like Social Security that is the main reason for our national debt to be $22 Trillion today. FDR put in to law many Union laws, which are unfair negotiation tactics Unions get to use against companies and has caused many companies to go under financially. FDR is the only President to be President for three terms even though that was considered unethical. FDR believed in a dictatorship and wanted to be a Dictator of the United States. The Constitution had to be updated in order to declare Presidents are only allowed two terms due to FDR.

2. Woodrow Wilson-

Wilson was the first Democrat Progressive to win the White House and he pushed through the Federal Tax system. The Revenue Act of 1913 that Wilson created is the reason why we are unfairly taxed by our Federal Government. We should only be paying a State tax, but because of the leftists ideas that entered our country in late 1800’s we are taxed a huge chunk of our pay. Wilson fundamentally changed our country for the worse.

3. Lyndon B. Johnson-

Lyndon B. Johnson is a FDR style Democrat who was hungry for power. Johnson created the Medicare package, which has been a disaster for our quality of health care. Medicare is costly to the tax payers and is a huge chunk of the reason for our $22 Trillion debt.


4. Barrack Obama-

I know many people will be mad I have Obama only at the 4th worse President of all time, but keep in mind President Trump has practically erased Obama’s legacy so his stain is not going to be as long lasting as the three previous Presidents mentioned. Obama created Obamacare, which nearly destroyed our healthcare system and was rapidly becoming unaffordable for the American people. Thank God President Trump gutted the majority of Obamacare and saved our country from a bankrupt healthcare system.

The main lasting legacy that keeps Obama on the all time worst President list is his corruption using the IRS to target Conservatives, and his spying on the Trump campaign. But lets not forget Obama created our new racial divide that was nearly extinct when he became President. The divide Obama used by using identity politics will take a 100 years to fix and Obama’s terrible legacy will be felt for generations to come in a cultural way.


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