Illinois Proposes Per-Mile Tax Bill!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 16, 2019

Illinois House lawmakers have proposed a bill to tax citizens every mile they drive. This was an idea that current Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker proposed during his campaign race in 2018.

The House Bill 2864 is a pilot proposal would tax it’s citizens two cents per mile driven by Illinois citizens.

Illinois Policy writes, “HB 2864 would create a pilot program under which 5,000 participants apply to pay 2 cents per-mile driven in place of gas taxes levied by the Motor Fuel Tax Law. The state gas tax is currently 19 cents per gallon, but once fees and general sales tax are factored in, motorists pay on average 37.3 cents per gallon in state taxes at the pump.”

Pritzker stated to the Daily Herold when he discused the idea of the bill, “we’re challenged to come up with the dollars that we need for our highway system and for our roads,” he said. “So in some states, they have done tests recently for a VMT tax.”

“I think it’s something we should look at. We have to be careful about how it gets implemented and that’s why it should only be a test at this point,” Pritzker noted.

“It’s only fair if you’re on a road and traveling on that road then you should pay your fair share on the road like everybody else is paying,” Pritzker said.

It is not clear in the written policy to what extent the state would go in order to enforce the tax, but J.B. Pritzker floated around the idea of a GPS tracker system to be installed in all Illinois registered vehicles. This would be a clear violation of privacy and will not be received well with the citizens of the state.

The pilot bill would allow individuals who volunteer to be apart of the testing to be gas tax free during that time, but it is unlikely that will be the case if the bill is officially passed and enforced state wide. The whole idea is to bring in more money for the roads and it would not make sense to remove the gas tax as well.

Illinois has been suffering from a mass Exodus due to their far left policies and this will likely increase the amount of people leaving the state.


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